be happy Jillian|18|taken|Disney|in college for Pastry Arts degree|let's be besties kay?|

Finally feeling well enough to walk down the steps, going see the hunger games this weekend!!

featherboa said:
I love you, Jillian, and I hope everything with your back gets better soon! <3(:
please bear with me for like five minutes this just needs to come out.

I never thought I would take something as simple as bending down for granted. I sit here day after day being jealous of normal eighteen year olds, who can get down their steps just fine; they can actually take a fucking bath by themselves while I have to get my mother to help me because I’m fucking crippled. I hate this, I’ve honestly never been more miserable in my life. My house has never been smaller; it just shrinks everyday it gets smaller and smaller. I’ve had to give up my whole life because some asshole couldn’t use his freaking mirrors. If this neurologist doesn’t find what’s wrong with me Wednesday I think I’m going to go crazy.

I just want to live my life.

I’m really worried my boyfriend won’t get me roses for Valentines Day, he’s not exactly romantic…at all.

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